Iceland Drilling Company negotiates for a new geothermal drilling project in Montserrat

Drilling Project Starting in Montserrat

Iceland Drilling Company has reached an agreement with DFID (Department for International Development) for a geothermal drilling project in the Caribbean Island, Montserrat. The drilling contract was signed on 8th of April 2016.  The project involves drilling the 3rd geothermal well, but in the year 2013 two exploration wells were drilled giving around 2 MWe.

The objective drilling the third well, is to reach geothermal steam, enough to feed into a 3-5 MWe wellhead power plant. Iceland Drilling will be using one of its Drillmec HH-220 rig, which will be mobilized from Philippines to the Caribbean island. The target is to drill down to 2500 mtr.


Clean Electricity Generation

The overall objective is to replace electricity which is presently produced by using fossil fuel and thus reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.


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