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Geothermal Services


Jarðboranir hf. (Iceland Drilling Company (IDC)) has extensive experience of undertaking geothermal drilling projects in a challenging remote and isolated location.

IDC engineering and management team is having decades of experience in the field of high temperature drilling in Iceland and internationally and have in many occasions offered integrated drilling service such as in Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, Djibouti, Nicaragua, Caribbean, and in the Philippines.

IDC has a long history in geothermal drilling in Iceland where it has operated for decades providing rig and all associated drilling services needed for drilling projects all over Iceland, where drill sites locations are often remote having often severe weather conditions. All drilling services, third party services and all material (wellheads, steel, mud and casing) have been provided by Iceland Drilling.  Total installed geothermal capacity in Iceland is 710 MWe – all based on wells drilled by IDC.  This is about 25% of the country’s total electricity production. But it is not only electricity, as the geothermal resources is also directly used, such as for space heating. Today about 9/10 of all households in Iceland are heated with geothermal energy.  

IDC has also operated in the islands of Azores, Portugal where it has provided high temperature drilling services on the islands of SAO MIGUEL and TERCEIRA (drilled 18 Wells). Today Azores have installed 26 Mwe which has risen based on the capacity of those wells.

In 2011-2012 IDC drilled all the production geothermal wells for Mighty River Power in Ngatamariki in New Zealand.  Soon after finishing the drilling project a power plant was commissioned in 2013 with a production capacity of 82 MWe.

Biliran Philippines. IDC brought a Rig and all auxiliary equipment and material to the island of Biliran in the Philippines. This project was remote where there was no harbor to offload the ship. Rig had to be offloaded from the ship to a barge that was then moved to a jetty where the equipment was brought to site. Total of 5 wells were drilled.

The company has also worked in the Caribbean – on the islands of Dominica and Montserrat, and are now (2019) operating in St. Vincent. In Dominica a rig was shipped to the island to drill three exploration wells that were designed to be used as a production well. Later on, Rig was then re-mobilized to the island to drill additional 2 Wells. Estimated total capacity of those wells are around 7 MWe. IDC provided all material and services for that project. Contractor was working closely with Government departments during this project

The first drilling in Montserrat took place in 2013 where two full size exploration Wells were drilled. This was a challenging project due to the infrastructure of the island but specifically concerning logistics where the rig had to be offloaded to a small jetty close to site.  Later additional well was drilling in 2016. 

In 2018, IDC mobilized their Drillmec rig HH-300 to Djibouti, Africa.  Three wells all around 3500 meters deep have been drilled in the area of Lake Asal.  This was an integrated contract, as IDC provided almost all other services around the drilling project.