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QHSE Management system

Iceland Drilling has implemented a Quality Management system in all aspects of the Company’s operations. The Company’s Quality Management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards and was the first contracting company in Iceland to achieve this certification.

Iceland Drilling (Jarðboranir hf.) mission is to be a leading company in the geothermal drilling industry.
Our role is to support our customers in accessing and developing energy resources in an economical and environmentally responsible way.

We communicate with integrity and fulfill our obligations. The safety of employees, the environment and the customer is our priority. By focusing on continuous improvement, quality and reliability we earn our trust.
We engage the strength and incentive of our employees to achieve maximum results. Our work ethic is professional and we operate in accordance with laws and regulations.

Our operation and service adapts easily to new market situations and customer requirements. Our equipment is highly mobile and we can execute projects under various conditions. With effective communication and hard work we provide exceptional services.

We offer custom designed, state-of-the art equipment that is maintained in good condition. Well trained and experienced crews ensure quality, safety and operational efficiency. Employee satisfaction is essential to the company’s success.

Iceland Drilling’s ultimate goal is to create value for its customers, employees, the company itself and its owners.

Certificate of Registration

Safety is highly important for Iceland Drilling due to the fact that the activity of the company involves high risks. The most important thing to the company is that the workers return unharmed from work. Iceland Drilling works with their clients on having safety as the first priority for each project. Jardboranir received certification for occupational health and safety management standard OHSAS 18001 late 2010. Later or in 2019 Jardboranir have received certification according to ISO-45001:2018

The health and safety of employees and others is the first priority with Iceland Drilling (Jarðboranir hf.) where all are provided with a safe and healthy work environment, promoting an injury-free workplace.

Iceland Drilling is committed to:

• Fulfilling the requirements of laws, regulations, standards and customer demands
• Analyzing risk, setting objectives and making continuous improvements
• Providing equipment and facilities that comply with safety standards
• Providing employees and guests with appropriate personal protective equipment
• Providing appropriate emergency plans and first aid training
• Providing the necessary safety training and education
• Encouraging employee participation and cooperation for the maintenance of a safe working environment
• Investigating incidents and risks with the purpose of improvement
• Monitoring the performance of the OHS management system
• Monitoring the impact of operations on employees’ health by regular health inspections

Safety, health and a secure work environment is the responsibility of management, all employees and service providers and is divided in the following manner:
• Ensures the full implementation of this policy and the OHS management system
• Ensures the active collaboration between management and employees regarding safety issues
• Endeavors to improve safety in cooperation with top management

• Ensure compliance to the OHS management system
• Ensure employees’ competence to fulfill their assignments
• Report all incidents to management

• Know and comply with relevant safety instructions
• Wear appropriate personal protective equipment
• Safeguard their own health and safety and that of others in the workplace
• Actively report observations and  incidents to a supervisor or by using a safety observation card

• Comply with safety rules for sub-contractors
• Report activities likely to affect the health and safety of themselves and others
• Endeavor to maximize safety in cooperation with employees and management

Iceland Drilling’s board of directors has approved this policy and supports its execution. The policy is reviewed annually in management review meetings.

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Demand for environmentally friendly energy is increasing and geothermal heat is becoming more popular as environmental energizer. As a leading company, Iceland Drilling has a great ambition being environmentally friendly and implements that the company is in best harmony with the nature and community. Iceland Drilling was certified in late 2010 for its operations according to the Environmental Management system ISO 14001.

Jarðboranir is leading in the environmental field, treating the environment with care and operating in harmony with it. Environmental issues are of paramount importance to the company.

Jarðboranir strives to minimize disturbance to the environment.

Jarðboranir fulfills the requirements of public authorities and adopts more stringent requirements where necessary.

Jarðboranir collects and publicly presents the results of the company’s environmental performance.

Jarðboranir collaborates with clients and sub-contractors to ensure accordance with the company’s environmental policy.

Jarðboranir places emphasis on employees’ knowledge of and adherence to the company’s environmental policy.

Jardboranir’s goal is continuous improvement in environmental issues, reduction of environmental impact and the promotion of sustainable development.

Certificate of Registration