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Quality Management System

Iceland Drilling Company (IDC) has an integrated QHSE Management System that covers the company drilling activities and fulfils all requirements according to Quality management standard ISO 9001:2015, Environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational, health and safety management standard ISO 45001:2018. 


IDC IS committed to prioritize all Health, Safety and Environmental issues during the execution of each project. The objective of IDC is to make health and safety a major focus for everyone working in the Project Area, irrespectively and regardless of who is their employer.


HSE planning, programs, systems, procedures and tools are all important parts of achieving a positive safety outcome. However, these need to be underpinned by IDC’s robust and positive safety culture. This ensures that activities are undertaken with appropriate care and consideration and that HSE issues are given the right level of attention and focus.

Culture is driven from the top of an organization and it is, therefore, key that IDC embrace and demonstrate the expected behaviors:

  • A culture of full disclosure.
  • A culture that encourages, promotes and endorses HSE vigilance and diligence.
  • A culture that encourages, promotes and mandates adherence to the safe systems of work and adherence to this HSE management plan.

In doing so, IDC also recognizes the importance of the role it plays in setting expectations for the other contractors involved. IDC will undertake to gain an equivalent level of buy-in and commitment to HSE from the other contractors and their personnel. This process will involve clear, honest and open communication on HSE matters; early HSE engagement and recognition of positive HSE practices and innovation.

The fostering of such a culture among all parties involved will lead to all personnel undertaking activities in a way that is consistent with the project’s HSE objectives. This means not only adherence to the plan and the following of mandated rules, but a position where HSE is ‘front of mind’ at all times such that individual responses to unexpected situations, to hazards and to incidents or accidents are equivalent  with the potential risks involved.





We at Iceland Drilling recognize the importance of the above statement, years of experience have taught us that with thought and careful planning any task can be performed safely, and we put to all our employees to accept this commitment and challenge them to commit to performing all tasks safely.