ISO 9001


Iceland Drilling (Jarðboranir hf.) mission is to be a leading company in the drilling industry.
Our role is to support our customers in accessing and developing energy resources in an economical and environmentally responsible way.
We communicate with integrity and fulfill our obligations. The safety of employees, the environment and the customer is our priority. By focusing on continuous improvement, quality and reliability we earn our trust.
We engage the strength and incentive of our employees to achieve maximum results. Our work ethic is professional and we operate in accordance with laws and regulations.
Our operation and service adapts easily to new market situations and customer requirements. Our equipment is highly mobile and we can execute projects under various conditions. With effective communication and hard work we provide exceptional services.
We offer custom designed, state-of-the art equipment that is maintained in good condition. Well trained and experienced crews ensure quality, safety and operational efficiency. Employee satisfaction is essential to the company´s success.
Iceland Drilling´s ultimate goal is to create value for its customers, employees, the company itself and its owners.

Certificate of Registration