ISO 18001

18001The health and safety of employees and others is a priority with Iceland Drilling (Jarðboranir hf.) where all are provided with a safe and healthy work environment, promoting an injury-free workplace. 

Iceland Drilling is committed to: 

• Fulfilling the requirements of laws, regulations, standards and customer demands 
• Analyzing risk, setting objectives and making continous improvements 
• Providing equipment and facilities that comply with safety standards 
• Providing employees and guests with appropriate personal protective equipment 
• Providing appropriate emergency plans and first aid training 
• Providing the necessary safety training and education 
• Encouraging employee participation and cooperation for the maintenance of a safe working environment 
• Investigating incidents and risks with the purpose of improvement 
• Monitoring the performance of the OHS management system 
• Monitoring the impact of operations on employees´ health by regular health inspections 

Safety, health and a secure work environment is the responsibility of management, all employees and service providers and is divided in the following manner: 
• Ensures the full implementation of this policy and the OHS management system 
• Ensures the active collaboration between management and employees regarding safety issues 
• Endeavors to improve safety in cooperation with top management 

• Ensure compliance to the OHS management system 
• Ensure employees´ competence to fulfill their assignments 
• Report all incidents to management 

• Know and comply with safety instructions 
• Wear appropriate personal protective equipment 
• Safeguard their own health and safety and that of others in the workplace
• Report all incidents to a supervisor 

• Comply with safety rules for sub-contractors 
• Report activities likely to affect the health and safety of themselves and others 
• Endeavor to maximize safety in cooperation with employees and management 

Iceland Drilling´s board of directors has approved this policy and supports its execution. The policy is reviewed annually in management review meetings. 

Certificate of Registration