Quality Management System

9001Iceland Drilling has implemented a Quality Management system in all aspects of the Company’s operations. The Company’s Quality Management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards and was the first contracting company in Iceland to achieve this certification. See more.



14001Demand for environmentally friendly energy is increasing and geothermal heat is becoming more popular as environmental energizer. As a leading company, Iceland Drilling has a great ambition being environmentally friendly and implements that the company is in best harmony with the nature and community. Iceland Drilling was certified in late 2010 for its operations according to the Environmental Management system ISO 14001. See more. 


18001Security is highly important for Iceland Drilling due to the fact that the activity of the company is not entirely innocuous. The most important thing to the company is that the workers return safely from work. Iceland Drilling works with their buyers on having security at the forefront for each project. Jardboranir received certification for occupational health and safety management standard OHSAS 18001 late 2010.  See more.