Iceland Drilling makes Deloitte Energy Excellence finals

Iceland drilling has made the finals of the Deloitte Energy Excellence award for Excellence in Health and Safety. IDC has in the past two years, along with the contractors they employ, completed 950,000 hours Lost Time Injury Free and significant injury free, while completing 32 rig moves and 26 wells.

The Awards provide an annual opportunity to recognise excellence and standout achievements across the electricity, oil, gas and petroleum industries.  Sponsored by Deloitte, this exciting event is now in its fifth year and is the industry’s annual black-tie gala event. Read more

Thor drilling in Reykjanes peninsula

IDC Rig Thor drilling for geothermal in Reykjanes peninsula. As part of this Green Energy Project the rig runs directly on gridpower from the unique geothermal powerplant of HS ORKA. This hightech rig has the ability to fit on tight locations and is therefor ideal for areas with limited access.

Rig Up on Reykjanes for HS Orka

Rig Up on Reykjanes for HS Orka an Alterra Power company. Rig Thor will drill geothermal well in Reykjanes geothermal field in Iceland. We feed the rig with power from the grid with direct green geothermal electricity. IDC providing a integrated solution to HS Orka.

Young students on Montserat

Young students from Lighthouse primary school on Montserat visiting the drilling operation with Iceland Drilling. More islands in the Caribbean could benefit from the geothermal expertise the Icelanders are offering.

Rig TYR in action in New Zealand

Rig TYR in action in New Zealand, location Kawerau. Highly mobile HH300 Drillmec rig.

Rig Sleipnir in Montserat

Rig Sleipnir from Iceland Drilling Company in Montserat on second well after successful first well. IDC is working as integrated drilling service provider, delivering drilling service and all material and side services under one contract. Concept that is economical option to many clients that are lacking the in-house knowledge to run a drilling operation.

Iceland Drilling finishing first well on Island of Montserat

Iceland Drilling finishing first well on Island of Montserat. Rig Sleipnir will be moved to next location. The compact setup of rig Sleipnir is very convenient for remote locations such as is many places in Carabian. The Project is a turnkey project where Iceland Drilling Company takes care of all services and all material for the project. This is a advantage setup for many Operators that have no inhouse geothermal drilling team.